Living Life Fruitfully was founded with one simple goal in mind, to expose others to the abundance of life.  Our mission is to inspire, motivate and educate You, so that together, we can build an intentional and socially responsible badass community.  We are dedicated to providing useful resources to help You live a conscious and intentional life.  

Over the past few years, I (Annabel O'Neill) have acquired an abundance of important information and experiences that have helped shape who I am today.  Since experimenting with different lifestyles, I have found a balance that works for me. This website is an exploration of what I consider to be valuable and meaningful aspects that create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  I am dedicated to bring high quality content to my readers and will continue to improve on all the information I provide.     

 The long-term goal is to create a sustainable community of like minded people who have similar desires to live simply.  This community would promote sustainable living through food, spiritual health and sustainable homes.  As this develops further, there will be minimal guidelines and principles that all members would be asked to respect.  Within the next several years, I hope to have a small collection of people living and working together on one piece of land.