Annabel O'Neill is the founder of Living Life Fruitfully -- a platform dedicated to empower and motivate you to live a life of abundance, to follow your curiosity and simply notice.  Notice how you feel, notice what surrounds you, and notice what feels most alive in your body.  

Annabel was born and raised in Upstate, NY.  She attended two different Waldorf schools before graduating in June of 2016.  During her junior year of high school, she decided to build a tiny house, which she had planned to take with her to college, but that tiny house never made it to college because the experience of building her house changed the course of her life.  After high school, she downsized her possessions, finished the tiny house, continued making YouTube videos (she now have over 10,000 subscribers), wrote two eBooks, launched an Apparel line - Be More Badass, became a Certified Forest Therapy Guide, traveled to India, Haiti, Madagascar, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Switzerland, Greece and Japan, and she is currently on working on becoming an Astrologer.  

Living Life Fruitfully was established in 2015 and Annabel dedicated to providing useful resources to help you live a conscious and intentional life, as well as sharing her own personal experiences.  

Future plans? Her short-term plan is to build a small camper and travel around the US for a few months, plan a forest therapy retreat, make a documentary about creating a sustainable lifestyle, write a book about forest therapy and continue to take care of my grandfather.  The long-term plan is to create a sustainable community somewhere in the world where people can live communally and support each other.