What is forest therapy? 

"Forest Therapy is a research-based framework for supporting healing and wellness through immersion in forests and other natural environments. In Japan it is called "shinrin yoku," which translates to "forest bathing." Studies have demonstrated a wide array of health benefits, especially in the cardiovascular and immune systems, and for stabilizing and improving mood and cognition." -- Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs

Upcoming Walks
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More About High Falls Conservation Area

The High Falls Conservation Area consists of 47 acres located in the Village of Philmont and the Town of Claverack. The wooded trails bring visitors to a dramatic overlook with views of the falls and provide access to the Agawamuck Creek. The Agawamuck Creek flows northwest until eventually joining the Claverack Creek on its way to the Hudson River.  You can enjoy several hiking trails at High Falls, as well as fishing.

Reserve Your Spot - October 3rd

$30.00 for 3 hour walk

About This Guide

I, Annabel O'Neill, am currently a Forest Therapy Guide in practicum with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs.  I will complete my practicum at the end of December, 2017 and become a Certified Forest Therapy Guide.

Contact me @ livinglifefruitfully@gmail.com

If you want to learn more about the Association or find the nearest guide to you, visit: http://www.natureandforesttherapy.org/  

Videos I've Made Regarding Forest Therapy